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  EMS Automotive is a leading producer of antique sheet metal parts for restoring old retro cars. The company is also a leading producer of sheet metal components for the street rod industry and for rat rods, customs, low riders and lots of other old cars.

  The metal parts EMS Automotive manufactures are products like floor pans for the inside of the car, which would include front floors, rear floors and the toe boards or sometimes known as kick panels. Many times we will make the riser over the rear axle but not for many models.

  Some other items we make are trunk floors with spare tire wheel if needed. Many trunk compartments will have trunk floor extension or toolbox compartment. These parts are required to attack the outer roll pan, under deck lid pan or mostly known as the EMS tail pan, which is the area underneath the trunk lid and between the tail lights. The tail pan may or may not have bumper slots in them.

  Most of the parts manufactured by EMS Automotive are constructed from heavy 18 gage steel. This steel is usually the same thickness as original (.050 inches).

  Rocker panels are a popular part and the inner rocker is also a high rust area item. EMS Automotive has both items available.

  The lower front and rear 1/4 panels is the area from the rear door post to the back bumper.

  Many popular cars like 1935 Ford, 1937 Ford, 1940 Ford, 1946 Ford, 1949 Ford, 1955 Ford, 1957 Ford, 1936 Chevrolet, 1937 Chevrolet, 1939 Chevrolet, 1941-1948 Chevrolet, 1949 Chevrolet, 1952 Chevrolet, 1953 Chevrolet need parts made by EMS Automotive.